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the wizard lich

I'm Comlud. A wizard lich. A programmer.

Who am I and why this website?


Let me introduce myself, as Comlud the wizard lich.

I'm a programming and technology enthusiast.

And yes, I'm a nerd. With glasses. And I like school, mostly.

This site is up because I think it's cool to have a website!

And so that I can share stuff with you.


Paste a directory path and clean it with the great

Clean Path


My first NES game programmed in C and Assembly. It's very basic

Dot the NES game

A super simple SNES homebrew template with assembler and linker!

SNES Dev Template

Animate your desktop background with this (Windows only) program!

Animated Background


Free Fall Mall - a small game
Old website


Instant reincarnation is true.

The time between creation and consciousness can't be experienced.

That means the moment you die, you instantly live again!

But who are you and who am I?

What is it to be someone or something other than the natural reactions of particles?

Anticult Cult

The Anticult Cult is finally here!

We believe that cults are bad.

We worship the idea of a cult-free world.

Join the Anticult Cult and make this world a cult-free place.